What Will Your Choice Be?

You can turn your back on your dreams all you want; but just remember, they’ll always be trailing your footsteps and haunting your every waking moment. They’ll reach out to you, and you’ll hear their voices in harmonious echoes, begging you not to give up on them. 

Your dreams matter, and so does the amount of work you put into making your dreams happen. No one wakes up famous or victorious. Everyone fights through a battle before they conquer. 

Are you going to be another statistic? Will your name be written on the long list of could-have-beens? Or will you shun the quitter list and jump into the short ranks of dream fighters? 

Which will it be? Whatever choice you make now will decide your fate. Do you want a life of regrets and wondering what might have been, or do you want the life of a warrior? 

I know which one I’m choosing. I’m choosing the path of the warrior. Whether I conquer all my dreams isn’t the point, the point is that I tried. I gave it a shot. I challenged myself and made a better me becaus of it. 

What will your choice be? 


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