The Pool of Dreams

As I sit here in the silence, I hear my deepest thoughts and desires rushing through my mind like an unstoppable river flowing down, down, down into a vast pool of dreams. 

As my thoughts press there weight upon the pool, I feel them sinking beneath the surface, almost fully submerged by the deep water. And yet, the fire in my thoughts sparks a heatwave of passion and causes my thoughts to rise up from the water and float upon the surface of dreams. And it’s then I realize I will conquer the waves of doubt and the crashing water that tries to drown me and sway me from my course.

I realize my thoughts will spark triumph and heart into all I do. I realize I shall stay above the pool of dreams and conquer my wildest desires, all because I dare to stay above the water and not let it take me down. I will swim to the shore and walk upon the sands of hope and I will smile at the sun. I will smile at the sun because it will smile back.

 And I’ll know that dreams are not so unreachabe after all, so I’ll swim back into my pool of dreams. And I’ll keep swimming and keep creating great waves of conquered ever-afters.


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