Three Reasons Why You Can Achieve Your Dreams

1) You have what it takes. Stop doubting yourself and your many talents. Step out of your comfort zone and jump into the pool of dreams. 

Don’t say can’t and won’t and don’t. Use words like can and will and do. The power of positive thinking is actually quite magical. When you believe in yourself, others will start believing too. But if you constantly nag on yourself, others will pick up on that and start seeing you as a whiney, negative person who must not have much talent since you’re always complaining about how sucky you are. 

2) You are the hero of your story. It’s a luxury being the heroine of my own story. I get to rely on myself completely to slay the beast and conquer the world. With my passion, hard work and determination, I have the recipe for success. No one else can be me or live my story. 

That means we have a responsibility to ourselves to take front seat of our lives and steer ourselves in the right direction. 

No one else can or should have say over your dreams. You are the master of your destiny, so stop letting everyone else  have say over what you can do. 

3) You won’t stop. Do you feel that fire within? Let it grow and burn all your negativity to ashes. Let that fire destroy the crops of self-doubt and fear. Use it as a weapon against naysayers and unbelievers. Show them the fire burning within you is real. Make it grow so hot that others feel the heat of passion inside you and they want it too. Nurture the fire within and start tackling your dreams with purpose, vision and focus. 

We have the power, we just need to use it. 


10 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Can Achieve Your Dreams

  1. Christians say “Name It and Claim It,” metaphysicians say “As Above, So Below,” everyone in the 80s called it “The Power of Positive Thinking”…whatever the name you want to give it, the law of attraction is 100% true. Isn’t it wonderful that your thoughts can focus you towards creating a life that’s incredible!

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