What Lies Ahead for Your Future?

Have you ever pondered on the future? What lies ahead for you? What voids will be filled by your successes and victories? What voids will always be black holes, never tasting the light of day? 

I often ponder on my future in this way. I think about the many things I want to accomplish in my life before I die. I want successes and conquered dreams. I want to taste the peace that comes from having achieved all the great things I’ve set out to do. 

I understand that life doesn’t throw out rewards like candy. It takes hard work, perseverance, strength, and fortitude to make life happen in a meaningful way. 

I know the future can be quite scary. It’s hard not knowing what lies ahead, but if we allow our fears to eat away at the core of us, we’ll never achieve the greatness that lies within us. 

So while I’m still young and the future looks bright, I’m going to view it as a blank slate. That blank slate means I have endless choices and wonderful possibilities awaiting me. I get to write my own life story. I’m my own hero. I get to save myself from an average life and dreams unfulfilled. I have the chance to make it happen.

While the slate is clean, fill it up with purpose and hold it near your heart. Everyday check off the list of conquered goals, and never give up until you reach the top-most goal. Once there, take a rest. Then erase the slate and start over again, for what’s life without dreams to spur you on. 


5 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead for Your Future?

  1. For me, just getting my book out there is enough for me now. Back in my teens-20s I wanted to visit the orient, marry and have a couple little one. Now though, it feels like I’ve “reset” my life so much, all I want is to get the novel out.

  2. Hmmmm I ponder the future every day. I believe the older you get the more you think about it as you may have less time left to alter it or love it. Thanks for the like on my last post. I appreciate it.

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