Romanticizing a Cup of Coffee 

 Good morning my lovely blogging friends! 
If you’re a writer, you totally understand when I say I’m obsessed with words and descriptions. Sometimes, just to make sure I haven’t lost my ability to entice and intrigue with my words, I do this little exercise. I take an inanimate object and I completely romanticize it. So without further ado, I’ve taken coffee and I’m going to make you crave a cup right now. 

Strong and dark with a richness that cannot be equaled, coffee is a man’s best friend. Its delectable aroma awakens the senses and gives the nose its own intimate good morning. It alerts the mind to true consciousness and establishes the bond of forever love. Strong and dark is not the only role coffee plays,though. It has its playful side with creamy, sugary sweetness that stirs within the heart utter contentment; or if you’re feeling more adventurous, coffee is happy to adjust its role and be immersed in a cup of ice, titillating your tastebuds. It can also play a more subtle role as it fades to the background for stronger flavors to take the front seat. Whatever your mood, however your day, coffee knows you need a pick-me-up in this hectic world. It’s quite happy to oblige your inner desires for something stronger than soda but softer than alcohol. There’s something for everyone in coffee’s warm embrace. Let it kiss you today and awaken the inner you. 

Hope you’re just dying for a cup of coffee now 😉 It’s your turn. Pick an inanimate object and make it appeal to the human emotion. Have fun with words and don’t be afraid to use ones you’ve never used before. This little exercise can refresh your description abilities and give you an appreciation for our vast language. 


18 thoughts on “Romanticizing a Cup of Coffee 

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  2. I actually never drink coffee (I don’t like the taste!), but your description has actually made me crave a cup! Now that’s good writing! 🙂

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