Can’t vs. Can

A few days ago, I started thinking about how much we limit ourselves as human beings. I constantly hear the words I can’t or that could never happen to me. There’s so much negativity and self-doubt we pour into our lives every day that of course we can’t. 

Limiting ourselves and constantly making sure we know and everyone else around us knows we’re incapable does major harm to our future. If you think you can’t, you probably can’t. Yes, we’ve all heard that phrase, but have we truly delved into its meaning. 

Our minds are powerful things. Think about the major inventions created such as: radios, television, toilets, computers, etc. Do you think those inventors were able to invent with a mindset that consistently told them they couldn’t?

Don’t limit yourself. One of the greatest things about our minds is that we can will ourselves to do anything. And then through that will-power, we can make it happen. 

We have the ability to turn our can’t into a can. It’s just a simple flip of the switch. Tell yourself you can and then go for it. Stop being so negative. 

Yes, I understand we shouldn’t be completely impractical and think just because we change our mindsets that we’ll be the next big thing. It doesn’t work that way. But what’s wrong with allowing yourself to see the power you have to make it happen? What’s wrong with pouring a heaping spoonful of positivity into your life? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

So today, I challenge you and myself to think positively and to say I can. Those are powerful words that just might help you take your dreams and turn them into reality. 


11 thoughts on “Can’t vs. Can

  1. This post speaks to me as a writer and in another way, I’ll explain. I believe we chatted about that negative review when I first started my book. for a time, I just stopped writing, but her bad attitude towards my “style” lit a fire and now look at me. Now for the other way. Years ago in my teens, martial arts was my passion, but being one handed in a wheelchair, instructors just looked at the disability & told me “Oh, you can’t train in our art.” It took one instructor to sit in a chair and want to adapt the techniques from my view. now, I hold a black belt and I work with a sword.

  2. I agree completely. I’ve thought about this a lot as of late. Part of my brain has always disliked toooo much positive talk, but the other part of me has realized that the more I say I’m incapable of something the less I try, the less I try, the less I achieve. After much trial and error I’m come to recognize that there are barriers we can’t control, but if you try, regardless of the obstacles, you’ll be a hell of a lot better off than trying nothing at all.

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