If you dare…

dean koontz

One of my favorite genres to read is definitely the mystery-suspense genre that thrills and chills to the bone. If I try to write a mystery suspense, it doesn’t work so well. For some reason my brain doesn’t allow my mind to write those kind of stories. Even with my extremely creative imagination, I’m unable to truly write a mystery or scary story that can bring me to the edge of my seat, as the saying goes.

When it comes to my own writing, my mind works well with fantasy fiction and romance. So perhaps that is the reason I find it so much fun to curl up in a cozy recliner, with my cup of coffee, and immerse myself in a book that will freak me out and take me places my own mind has trouble taking me.

That being said, I recently read Intensity, a book by the great Dean Koontz. It was actually my first introduction to this best-selling author, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The story follows college student, Chyna Shepard, as she goes with her friend Laura Templeton to stay with her for a weekend at her home.

Chyna deals with lots of pain as she has still not come to terms with all the abuse she went through as a little girl, growing up with a horrible mother. This abuse has left Chyna unsure and afraid of life.

The weekend she chooses to go to Laura’s house will change her forever!

As Chyna meets Laura’s family, she falls in love with them instantly, but as the night comes and she heads to bed, Chyna is startled by the realization that a serial killer (who has a strange fascination with killing people only for the “intensity” of feelings it brings) has invaded the home and killed the family that she was so drawn to.

As the man, Vess is his name, is still roaming around in the large home, Chyna sneaks outside to his motor home he has placed in the front of the house to find Laura’s corpse in the back of it.

But before she can escape, Vess comes back to the motor home and starts driving away with Chyna stuck in the back.

She finds an opportunity to escape when Vess stops at a gas station, still unaware that Chyna is in the back of his motor home. But as she learns what Vess’s plans are for the mysterious little girl, Ariel, he’s keeping in his home for sinister purposes, Chyna realizes she must face her fears and venture out of her comfort zone to save this little girl who has no one to rescue her.

Her plight carries her through hell, no joke. What she endures to save this little girl is fraught with suspense, thrills, chills, and fear. And you’ll be rooting for her every step of the way.

Take a ride down this dark path with Chyna if you dare…


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