You are more than…

I’m writing this post not to discourage anyone; however, I’m dealing with life’s trials and tribulations right now and the only way I find true healing is to write my feelings and breathe for a time. So here goes…

I’m getting a divorce. I still hate that word. Feelings of pain, heartbreak and shame rush through my mind when I use that very negative word. However, I know God will be with me through this dark time; and I am learning that I am far stronger than I ever thought possible.

I don’t share all this for no reason or to garner pity, I share this for the simple fact that I can possibly touch someone else who might be going through this same thing. You are not alone. You are more than your fears, pain, anger. You are more than emotions and a marriage. You are a person of worth and meaning. You still have so much more to give. You still have your talents, your dreams, your future hopes, your body and mind. No one can take that from you. Not your ex, not your doubts, not your broken heart.

Heal, forgive, move on, and conquer. Don’t give up in this tragic time. Hold on to your dreams and continue pursuing your passions.

I have more hope for my future than I ever did at any time in my life, which is simply ironic since marriage should have sparked my happiness and hopes. Instead it brought me down and tried to shatter my gifts. So here I stand, a single and unmarried woman with the same talents and dreams I had before marriage tried to define me. I will rise above this moment a better, wiser and stronger woman – as will you. Don’t let it destroy you. Let this time make you new again. Hold fast to hope and strive to endure. The darkness will fade and the storms will cease. God will be right there holding out His hands for you to grasp.

Take heart, lovely friends. God loves you, you still have so much to give and your life is more than a broken marriage. Take your broken heart to God and let Him heal you. And then pursue your dreams with even more focus and vision than ever before.


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