Stay the Course 

The easiest thing to do is quit, give up. But the right thing to do is to pursue, to conquer. 

Wouldn’t you rather do the right thing? Who told you the route of pursuing your dreams was going to be as easy as learning to tie your shoes? Why do you think it should take no effort, no blood, sweat, or tears for something that could easily impart many rewards on you in the long run? 

My fellow bloggers, writers, dreamers, hold fast to the ship’s railing. Don’t jump into the water just yet. Besides, that route can’t be any easier. You’ll just be another fish in the ocean, afraid of the sharks and doing their bidding. No, stay the course you’re on. I know the wind is raging, and the water is hitting the ship so hard you can barely hold on much longer. I know your heart is almost broken. I know your tears are many. But… But…

If you should stay the course, the storm will cease. It has to. The waters will calm, and the sun will come out. And there you’ll be, standing your ground – a victorious winner no matter if you’ve made it to the big time or not. The world will see your perseverance, your ambition. And that alone will place you at the ranks of winners who have succeeded. 


5 thoughts on “Stay the Course 

  1. Beautifully said 🙂 Thank you. A reminder is always welcome to those of us pursuing dreams with such little certainty on the road ahead.

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