Thank you, Rebecca Ross

A lot has happened since my last blog post almost a year ago…

My divorce is almost finalized, my heart is healing and my writing is more inspired than it’s ever been. In fact…drum roll, please.

I finished my book!!! It has about 86,000+ words and is headed for its sequel. It’s a huge accomplishment, because I’ve literally been working on it for 8 years!!!

And the story of what got me to finish it is actually pretty cool. My mom took me to a book signing at the Spout Springs Library here in GA. She’d been following this new author named Rebecca Ross for a couple weeks on social media, having found out about her through a friend who’s pretty much Rebecca’s adopted grandmother.

My mother wanted me to get a taste of what she believes will be my future and meet another young lady who did what I haven’t been ready to do.

I went with trepidation in my heart because I get nervous in crowds and I’d never even heard of her before. I’m always wary of new writers, a little jealous too if I’m honest lol

But the moment I sat down to listen to the lovely Mrs. Ross speak, I felt as if she was speaking only to me. I connected with her story and her desire to write fantasy books and her willingness to follow her dreams to their successful end. I pictured myself in her place, speaking to a bunch of strangers about my life and my book. I saw myself there one day. It was truly magical.

And the best part of this new author’s story, she literally finished her novel in only 48 days, sent only 3 query letters out and instantly procured the same agent who represents Victoria Aveyard (the Red Queen author).

She got a 3-book contract with Harper Teen back in 2015 and has been working for 3 years on the novels (from what I remember). Her first novel, The Queen’s Rising, just came out and she’s been doing press for the book. Side note here: go buy it! The cover is gorgeous and the plot sounds AMAZING. If you’re into The Remnant Chronicles or The Red Queen series, I think you’ll love this one.

Her story inspired the heck out of me and I immediately went home and ended my book. I kept delaying finishing it due to thinking it needed to be 100k words and afraid to even write a second one.

But I’m not letting my fear hold me back any longer. I’m going to edit my work, send it out to some beta-readers, research top lit agents who represent YA fantasy, research how to write a great query, and start that 2nd sequel.

I’m ready to officially begin my journey, and you should too. It’s the people who never give up that make things happen in life. And I’m going to be one of them.

So thank you, Rebecca Ross, for inspiring one writer and helping me finish what I started.


9 thoughts on “Thank you, Rebecca Ross

  1. I wish you all the best with your novel. ‘Queryshark’ is an awesome resource for researching query letters too. I look forward to seeing you post your success story in the near future. 🙂

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