Cheers to Another Step Taken for my Dreams! 

I got myself a kindle copy of this lovely book…


Can’t wait to start this! I’m all about researching as much as I can before I embark on the biggest step I’ll ever take for my dreams. 
I want to have everything sorted out and know what I’m getting into before I send my book out into the world. 

The route I’m choosing to take is a literary agent. I don’t feel like going this road alone. I need a hand to hold in the process. I feel like a literary agent might possibly be the perfect way to get my foot in the door of a real publishing house. Now that’s assuming one will actually decide to represent me…but we’ll deal with that later lol 

Here’s to another step closer to my dreams 🍷 Cheers, my lovely fellow bloggers! 

Be sure to do all you can in the pursuit of your dreams before you give up and pout. Life’s too short to quit. 


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