Susie Skittle and the Vegetable Across the Street

It all started with a tiny seed of an idea for a children’s picture book, which then grew into a story set in a candy town with candy people, which then grew even bigger into a series of stories and fun adventures starring the adorable Susie Skittle and Bart Broccoli.
I’m proud to present a book cover designed for my first book in the series: Susie Skittle and the Vegetable Across the Street.

I wanted to do something that would make the story come to life for me, something that would help me show people how serious my dreams of being published are, something that would help me start advertising now, and something that would also inspire me to continue pursuing this dream. What better way then to have a book cover designed!!! I collaborated with the talented graphic designer, Ashley Correll. She took my vision and created this super fun design that I know kids would totally love and at a great, affordable price! Please go check out her awesome business site, Ashley Kay Creative on Facebook and Instagram. This girl does everything! Writer friends, especially, take advantage now. She’s new and just started her business. It’s a perfect chance to use her before she gets famous and expensive lol

Now that this crucial step is finished, I’m sending off my first query letter to a children’s book publishing company and a literary agent to possibly represent me. I have a long journey ahead, but I’m so ready. Wish me luck in my journey. And please, buy my books when I start publishing!

And always remember your dreams are worth it! Do something big for your dreams today! Get inspired, be passionate and do something different for once that will push you even farther down the path of success. You are worth it and so are your dreams! Go for it!!!!


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