All I Need is One Yes…

It’s here. The time is now. I have no other obstacles in my path. I can’t make anymore excuses, I can’t waste anymore time holding onto this.

You might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Well, here goes…

My YA Fantasy novel that I’ve been working on over the last several years is finally done. It’s been edited as much as it can be; it’s been read by beta readers and it’s finally at a place where I can share it with an agent for representation.

I’m terrified of this process. Afraid that I won’t be any good, that perhaps my love of writing is merely just a pastime and not something worth investing in. That no one will want to be my agent to help this book get published.

My novel is called The Forest of No Return, and it’s about a blind, eighteen-year-old girl who finds out that there’s a prophecy written about her. The prophecy says she is the only hope of salvation for humanity, the only one who can defeat the evil queen who reigns in the forest and save mankind from the impending grip of the Under World, which is getting vastly closer to overtaking earth.

It’s set in the 30th century within this world we live in, so it’s a bit of a magical realist book with some world-building and a lot of fantastical elements. And there’s plenty of Narnia-inspired allegories since it’s dealing with the spiritual realm and the loss of man’s connection to God.

It’s a bold story to tell because the world isn’t so interested in spiritual themes, but I wanted to write something that was dark and deep. A story that could almost be a reflection of our future if we continue on the path of letting pride and immorality reign as our gods.

It’s not preachy or prude. It’s as dark as anything Dean Koontz writes and as fantastical as you’d want your fantasy tale to be. But it comes with a message and a hope, despite all the dark twists and horror elements.

So here goes my journey into the scariest realm of all…trying to find an agent who will love my work and be a voice of reason and security to guide me on one of the craziest dreams anyone could have.

I have several queries written out, a full synopsis and my entire manuscript ready to go.

All I need is one yes…and the rest is history.


11 thoughts on “All I Need is One Yes…

  1. If it helps, I began a tree-writing story two years ago that follows a blind swordsman and his daughter as they navigate through ups, downs, and use their powers to track a crazed man who is tracking her. I hope your book gets a yes! 🙂

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