The Chilling Novel of Spiritual Warfare: “This Present Darkness”

ImageThis Present Darkness” was published in 1986 and was written by a well-known Christian author, Frank E. Peretti. I got my hands on it when I was about 15 or 16 years old. My parents hid it from me for the longest time, knowing it was too scary for me to read at such a young age. Of course, being an avid reader, nothing could stop me from reading what I wanted to when I felt like it so I took the liberty of searching all through the house until I found it. I was consumed by the story of good and evil, of spiritual warfare among the world of demons and angels and humans, of the power of darkness and of light.  By the end of the book, I had a new understanding of what it means to go through a spiritual battle against an unseen foe.

Is this book only for those who believe in Jesus Christ and heaven and hell? I would say no. It is interesting enough to enthrall and intrigue those of you who have other religious preferences. If anything, it is a good read if you want to be scared out of your mind and feel that intense “goose bumps all over your body, heart pounding, sweaty palms” kind of feeling.

Peretti knows how to write and he utilizes his ability in such a way that as a reader, I was swept into the world he created. I felt as if demons and angels were more present in my life than ever before. It aroused thoughts within me about the power of the unseen and the spiritual battles that may just be happening all around us that we are completely unaware of.

The whole story is shaped around a few characters as they try to save a town from being overtaken by the demons of hell. It is intense, chilling, dark and mysterious and will have you tearing through the pages faster than you thought possible.

Oh and one more thing, you may want to keep a light on in your room for a few nights after reading this. Yeah, it’s just that good.


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