The Dark Secrets of the Beautiful, Ugly Woman

David Lindsey’s Animosity is perhaps the oddest book I’ve read in a long while. As odd as it was, I was highly intrigued by its strange characters, mysterious plot and the suspense that lay beneath, daring me to go further with the tale.

Animosity begins with an awful break up scene. Ross Marteau has been living in Paris for sometime now with his girlfriend, but he no longer feels for her what he once did. Breaking up with her, he turns his sights back to his home in Texas.

As Ross settles back into his hometown, he is unaware that a very interesting, beautiful woman has been waiting to meet him and make a proposition. Ross is a decently famous sculptor known for his erotic, sensual sculptures of rich women. When Celeste comes to him, she tells him she has a challenge for him. Her sister Leda is astoundingly beautiful; and yet, there’s something about her that also makes her astonishingly ugly at the same time. Celeste asks Ross to make a sculpture of Leda. She promises him this will be like nothing he’s ever done before. Ross reluctantly takes on the job, not realizing what he’s about to get into will cost him everything. As he becomes intrigued by both women, he realizes there are some very dark secrets buried beneath their lives that connect him quite personally to them.

Animosity is full of a very spooky sense that something is waiting just around the corner. It is slow in some areas, but I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what was going on, who Leda really was, what dark, hidden secrets were waiting for me just around the bend. The ending is startling, and it caused me to reread it again and again to see if I had missed anything.

If you want to read something vastly different than you’ve read in awhile, read this. David Lindsey’s an excellent writer as well, so it makes the story that much better. It does have some thematic content and language, so if you’re more sensitive to that, this may not be for you.

All in all, it is bizarre, peculiar, a little strange, and perfectly dark- just how I like my suspense/mystery novels. Enjoy!!!


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