Letting Go, Living Now, Looking Ahead

I’ve been pondering a lot on time. Time is taking us places. It’s molding our life into who we’ll become, what we’ll do and where we’re going. From past to present to future, time is always with us. It counts our days, numbering each one of them as we grow older. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how we’ve chosen to lead our lives.

If we always live in the past, we’ll never learn to prepare for what’s ahead. We won’t be ready for greatness or even hard times. We’ll be stuck in our younger years where we made the most mistakes, had the most fun, did the worst things. Although looking back isn’t a bad thing,the past isn’t where we should permanently stay. There is much to do in life. The past can’t help us attain the future greatness we want to achieve.

If we always live in the present, we’ll miss what’s coming. The present is where the difference can be made, where we have the power to get on our hands and knees and work hard to touch our future success. The present is the time we must spend building our knowledge, gaining our smarts, awakening our minds, breathing in the air of a dream yet unfulfilled that we’re determined to see come to fruition.

I say if we’re going to live in a time zone, let’s live in and for the future. Not so much so that we forget the past that made us who we are or the present that holds our greatest dreams, but just so much that we’re tasting victory at the end of our lives. I’ve chosen to live for my future, ever making strides to achieve my greatest dreams. My present is where I’m going to work hard to get it. My present is the moment for me to strike gold, so when the future comes I can say, “I did it.”

All this pondering on time gave me inspiration to write this little poem on the significance of our futures. I hope you start to see time in this way as well, so you can realize the importance of letting go of the past and embracing the hard work that must be done now to achieve your dreams for the future. It’s not too late to start today.

Letting Go, Living Now, Looking Ahead

By Adriana Gonzalez King

The past is the long ago past.

What happened there will never last.

Hold on to the coming future’s mast.

Don’t turn around; no, don’t look back.

It only has dark shadows to cast.

The present is the here and now.

It asks of you to grow somehow.

It’s not yet time to take a bow.

Roll up your sleeves, furrow your brow.

The present is a puzzle that you’ll soon figure out.

Your future is the greatest goal.

It’s where you reap what you have sown.

So in past or present, focus on the new not old.

Focus on what greatness you’ll achieve, still yet to be told.

Focus, focus- that’s the key you must hold.

The future awaits you; don’t let it go.


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