Rantings of an English Major

Have you noticed how horrible people write today? I’m not talking about the creativity of their minds and the stories they come up with. I’m more mentioning the awful style in which people now choose to write. Not only is everything abbreviated, because we’re simply too lazy to text “be right back” or “talk to you later;” everything is also utterly misspelled! And what’s up with using absolutely no punctuation? Shakespeare would be ashamed!

Is it really too hard to place in a comma or end the sentence with a period? Am I asking too much by requesting you to please don’t forget to put the apostrophe where it belongs in “you’re”? I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I understand that none of us listened in school when it came to learning about punctuation and diagramming. I get it. I hated it too! But come on, if you’re 30 some years old and you’re still writing sentences that people practically have to decipher, that’s really bad. Not to mention it makes you look a little bit (or a lot) uneducated.

I think with the whole social media fad going on now, it wouldn’t surprise me if we just started walking around saying, “That made me lol so much. I literally was lmao’ing the whole night!” We’re so lazy now in how we write, that I’m pretty sure our speech is not long in catching up to that laziness.

I’m not saying I don’t write like this at times. Well, who am I kidding? I have a boyfriend. We text a lot, so yeah, I get lazy a ton! And then I feel guilty when I see the horrible construction of the sentence and all the missing pieces that it needs to be built right. So as a complete nerd, I change it. But in a world of instant gratification and instant everything, my fingers get lazy and they want to make instant text messages like this: “Ya, I totes get it. Ur so rite.” I guess I just have to remember, the more I do that, the easier it becomes for me to pick up lazy talk and write lazy. As an aspiring author, I def (see, I can’t get rid of the whole fast text talk) don’t want to lose my ability to write well and punctuate the heck out of my work.

Once again, this is just the rantings of a detail-oriented English major. You can choose to regard or disregard, but you have to at least agree that we’ve certainly dumbed ourselves down. Ppl r cray-cray, but heck, yolo :p


3 thoughts on “Rantings of an English Major

    • Yeah, if it is allowed anywhere, it would be texts. Although I just have a thing inside me that doesn’t allow it lol But anywhere else, even Facebook statuses, it should be a no-no.

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