The Greatest Authors of all Time

In my opinion, two of the greatest authors of all time are C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you have no idea who these authors are (which I doubt is even possible), you are truly missing out on some great literature!

C.S. Lewis created the beautiful world of Narnia in his classic book series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Tolkien created the mythical, fantastical world of Middle-earth in his masterpiece works, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

I did a study on these two authors not that long ago and found out some interesting things. Not only were they very close friends who attended the school of Oxford together, they influenced each other to write what would become their greatest works. Tolkien was a bit shy so it was through Lewis’ insistence and encouragement that he was able to take a leap of faith and publish his work.

Lewis came to Christianity through the influence of Tolkien, and it was this new religion and fervor for Christ that gave him the desire to write a story that would have an even bigger message hidden beneath. He and Tolkien wanted to write books that would have all the fantasy and mythical elements they loved, but would have spiritual themes throughout that would point people to Christ.

I believe both of them did a miraculous job in accomplishing that goal and seeing it come to fruition. Who can help but notice Lewis’ world of Narnia is filled with spiritual themes as the lion, Aslan, sacrifices himself like Jesus did on the cross. And it’s easy to see (though not as outright as Lewis’ book) the spiritual themes in Tolkien’s great books of good and evil and choosing the right path to bring you to a true salvation.

I found it interesting that Tolkien came to criticize Lewis’ Narnia books later in life, because he felt they were too pushy in their spiritual themes. He also believed they were too heavy for children to understand. Although he may be right in part of his assessment, I believe Lewis’ books are the greatest children fantasy books of all time, and they teach kids great morals. Along with that, I believe Tolkien’s books are the greatest adult fantasy books of all time! Just the fact that he created a whole entire language is enough to make him one of the greatest authors.

If you want to get lost for hours in a world of fantasy, imagination that has no limits and intense plots of good versus evil, I implore you to read The Chronicles of Narnia series and The Lord of the Rings series. Both of these are masterpiece works of literature that have been praised for years as the best in fantasy genre.


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Authors of all Time

  1. For a person that doesn’t read much, you’ve certainly stirred something from within to make the time and get with it! 🙂

  2. I still have my set of the Narina books from 4th grade! I loved them as a kid!! Even though I am not religious, I still enjoy them.
    Did you know Lewis also wrote a set of adult fantasy novels? I forget what they are called but I’ve read them as well. They had religious themes to them as well, but they were kinda weird! This guy travels to Mars in one book, Venus in another. He gets into this machine and he has to be naked and it like shoots him off there. (I could be getting some of this wrong since I read them like 8 years ago.)

    Tolkin is the bomb. Hands down.

    • That’s the great thing about C.S. Lewis’ books, even if you aren’t religious, the story of Narnia is brilliant for kids. And yeah, I read one of those books you’re referring to. I don’t remember much of it though. It was definitely a bit different and not my favorite from him, but he’s still an excellent author. And yes, Tolkien is the bomb as you said!

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