I am the Beginning of My Dream

I lie awake at night. My mind a wandering creature with legs.

I hear the whispered calling of my future. My heart beating to the rhythm of its drumbeat.

It tells me I am the beginning of my dream. I am the destiny-wielder.

I hold the power to believe in the unseen, to know the end before it has arrived.

I’m the maker of the wish transformed. I’m the star in the inky sky.

I have what it takes. My flame is a burning fire that won’t go out.

I am the dawn before the day.

I am the dreams arising from the ashes of forgotten things.

I will be what I have known. I will be what I have seen.

And my spark will not die out. It will linger by the embers.

It will dim, it will lower, but it will always rise.

And I will always be what I am. A creation of force who can dance with the wind.


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