As if I’d Always Been Sinless

Gaping eyes, wide with disbelief. Hands splayed out in supplication.
Prayers to the heavens couldn’t save me now, too late.

I was lost among the shattered depths of pain, so deep in the mire.
No grace would save me, no hero to climb the tower and rescue the damsel.

I had made my bed and would sleep in its darkling sheets.
Bloodied hands stained with death, Hell was my destination.

Light could no longer penetrate the black inkiness of starless thoughts.
Self-transformed into a monster, my heart the reckless enemy.

And yet…affixed among my memories, a hope.
Light as pellucid dusk. Barely there, and yet, alive within the penumbra.

Awash in golden hues of fortified clemency, Heaven awaits.
With the shout of many angelic voices, a cherubic union speaks.

And in its many-splendored reverberations, my sins expunged as if no more.
Fastened now about my dark locks, a crown of gold.

Triumphant chorus of multitudes singing, hands raised in jubilation.
Mercy bought at a sacrificial cost, now mine to wield as if I’d always been sinless.

– by Adriana Gonzalez


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