The World is Blanketed by a Cloud of Magic…

The world is blanketed by a cloud of magic. It’s warmed beneath a quilt of such diverse colors and fantastical delights that we tend to miss it, assuming it’s only the stuff of fairy stories. We reject the magic because we are too afraid to embrace what we believe will disappear the moment we touch it.

Open your eyes to the beauty around you. There’s a magical story behind those swaying daisies in the golden meadow, behind those twinkling stars that wink at us in the darkness. There’s an evil behind that dark door, an evil that makes the stepmother of Cinderella and the wicked queen of Snow White’s nightmares pale in comparison.

If you want to have your own Alice in Wonderland moment of discovery and adventure, you must follow the rabbit hole down into the mysteries of what lies within our own world. Be prepared to be surprised; for what you will find will change your life forever.

Those of us who write have already pulled a thread of magic from the quilt. But I’m ready to go deeper into the stuff dreams are made of, to follow the bread crumbs and find the fairy dust that will sprinkle my life with more inspiration than I ever thought possible in the “real world.”


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