I’m Back πŸ˜€

Good evening lovely blog world! So I know I’ve been absent for at least a year. Life happens. But you can bet I’m not done writing. In fact, my large novel is finding it’s ending and transforming into far more  than I thought it could. The characters have told me what they want. They’ve led me to the end and embraced my leading hand, but have slowly taken over how the conclusion will go. 

It’s crazy how that can happen. One moment, I think I’m in control. The next moment, my characters have transformed the story into their own creation; and I’m at their mercy. 

I hope all my fellow writers are still relentlessly on the trail to success. Don’t give up, don’t let go. Let yourselves be victorious as you pursue your dreams with reckless abandon❀️

P.S. Follow me on Instagram for more pics like this one. They’ll brighten your day for sure  – @am_king7 


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