Inspired Again!!!

I’m inspired again! My writing is taking off in so many unexpected ways, and I’m feeling the inspiration flowing through me like never before. 

I’ve started back up with my fantasy fiction novel. Im ready to tackle and finish it before the end of the year. Recently, I’ve been spending about five hours on it every Saturday, and it’s been great!!! 

My characters are speaking to me, demanding to be heard, telling me how they want their stories to end. When I hear their voices, I know I’m back. 

I have over 47,000 words and still many more to come. It’s a beautiful feeling to know I’ve created an entire realm, new creatures, languages, and humans. I’ve created a story that is full of adventure, magic and twists in every chapter. 

I feel this is my best work to date. I can’t wait to share it with the world after five or so years working on it. 

Get inspired today, my friends. Let the magic reign and let the characters rule. It’s time to get that book written and finished. 


16 thoughts on “Inspired Again!!!

      • About the same for me. For some reason I’m not getting inspired, though. Huh. I guess my brain’s just tired. 🙂

      • That could be another reason. I know I’ve had many times where I’ve needed a huge break from writing all together so I could rest and relax my brain for a bit. That’s probably just the phase you’re in right now. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Yeah, I guess so. I really need to finish stuff, but I guess my brain isn’t in the mood. XD

      • That’s what I’ve been trying to do. I figure I can spend this time editing a novella I was working on, so at least I’m not wasting time.

  1. great that you are so inspired! I guesse that i am inspired but too busy for writing 😦 hopefully I will find some time! and don’t forget keep writing 🙂

  2. Have been writing on a story too. Is all about adventure, self discovery and magic but honestly, am not inspired to continue. That’s why am travelling tomorrow. Perhaps a change in environment will trigger the inspiration within.

  3. Nothing like a big ol’ fantasy story to really get you feeling creative. They’re so goddamn fun to write.

  4. Most days, I am inspired and almost overwhelmed. But there are those days that I simply have no inspiration, no will, no desire … I just want to sleep, eat, read … 🙂

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