Always Wonder 

Never lose your wonder- that childlike sense that the world holds something magical, something more. Never let it fade, for it’s in that wonder where you’ll find your inspiration for the next big song, idea, book. 

Let wonder broaden your mind, awaken your senses and lead you to believe. Let wonder be the mainstay of your life as you take each breath, as you walk each step, as you pass through each day. 

Wonder leads us to believe in fairytales and mystery. It leads us to see beyond the surface of this earth. It opens our eyes to the vibrancy and adventure this world actually holds. 

Hold tight to wonder. No matter your age, let it guide your every step and make your life a waking adventure.

Without wonder, you’ll grow boring, dull, stale. You need wonder to enliven your life, to brighten each shadow, to open up the realm of magic right at your fingertips. 

Be a child forever when it comes to wonder. Don’t lose that sense of awe when you see crashing waves, hear thunderous storms, smell enchanting scents. Be forever searching for the door that will lead you to Narnia.

 Life is a beautifully magical place. You just have to hold onto your childlike faith in order to see it. It’s there. You just have to believe. 


2 thoughts on “Always Wonder 

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I really like this post. When we grow to become adults, our innocence and child-like faith gets stolen. We really need to go back there if we must feel magical moments and experience them again.

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