Getting Inspired Again 

This look is inspired by Seraphinara, one of my favorite characters in my fantasy fiction novel The Forest of No Return– a novel I’ve been working on for about five years now. 

I got inspired the other day and wanted to take a character I wrote into existence on paper and bring her to life. Who better than a butterfly human whose unparalleled beauty disguises an evil heart? 

Just a little make-up styling fun got me inspired again. I went back through my over 46,000 word novel and smiled. I saw something there. I saw a writer who  has grown over the years. A writer who has changed the story so many times and yet doesn’t quit or give up. A writer who has fallen madly in love with her characters and wants to give them the best. A writer who hasn’t rushed through the stages of writing a novel or stressed about getting it out right away. 

Your stories teach you about yourself, as does your writing journey. It’s a long and arduous process of sweat, tears and a little blood; but when you reach those two exciting words, “The End,” you know you’ve just accomplished something not many people can accomplish in their lifetime. 

Writing a book should be fun and exhilarating. Don’t let it strip you of all your creativity just because you’re trying to get it out at some deadline time you created. Don’t let it jostle you about, turning you into a stressed human being. Don’t let it take away you in the process. 

As you write your book and take the long writer’s journey, consider yourself along the way and do things that will keep you inspired as a creator, excited to be a writer and at peace with the pace your story is going. 

The book will tell you when it’s ready to be finished. For now, embrace the road of endless paths your characters could take and let them decide when all is ready. They won’t let you down. You did, after all, create them. They kind of owe you 😉


6 thoughts on “Getting Inspired Again 

  1. Made me look back at how my own novel has evolved over the years. It has been quite a journey, and hopefully the manuscript is ready now.

  2. I can relate to so many points here. After starting my vampire novel, I made the mistake of letting my ex girlfriend talk me talk me into role playing it, running it into the ground. Now though, not talking to her, the floodgates have burst open! 🙂

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