Wake up and strive. Strive for more goals achieved, strive for more life lived, strive for more words written, more songs sung, more love given, more kindness shown. 

Strive to be more than average in a world filled with ordinary souls. Strive to reach the greatest heights of your dreams and know you will make it. I didn’t say think you’ll make it. I said know. Know is power. Know is a positive word that leads to a positive mind set that leads to success. 

Strive for greatness, success and a worthy life lived. But most importantly, strive to better yourself in all ways so you can be the next great leader. Strive to be an example of what it means to work so hard your bleeding, starving, exhausted; but there’s no way in hell your’re going to quit. Strive beyond what others strive for. Not necessarily to compete, but to push yourself beyond the breaking point. 

Strive to be different, better and stronger in all ways. 

No matter what life throws at us, we must fight back with a can-do attitude and show life that it can’t bring us down. 

We have been given the power of the human spirit, and it’s quite a magical ability. Hone it, care for it, grow it, and use it. 


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