Are You Ready? I Know I Am 


 There are no limits to the love I hold for books and words. My love is boundless, endless and ever-growing. I can’t be stopped. My addiction, my obsession, my true love is reading, writing, books and books and books. I’m incurable.

 My addiction is strong. It lies within me as my destiny, begging me to contribute to the book world with my own words. Pleading with me to continue following my dreams as an aspiring author. Screaming at me to fight the fight and don’t give up. Reminding me that all authors tread the hard path before they made it as a success story. Holding me in its grasp and sinking its talons into my flesh, not ever letting go. Daring me to be bold, brave, ambitious, and ready to do whatever it takes to put my books on the shelves so other crazy bookworms like me can enjoy them. 

I’m heeding the call and making it happen. I’m ready for the path to take its twists and turns, to even push me to my limit, to make me fall down steep valleys where I feel I won’t ever make it out. But I’m also prepared for the triumph when I climb out of the valley and shout above the mountaintop, “I made it!” I’m ready for everything. Are you? How are you preparing for the failure and the victory? 


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