The Gift of a Book

My love for books exceeds the normal. It’s abnormal and strange and weird and nerdy. But it’s my passion. 

Words strewn across a page. The crisp smell of paper. The mystery of what lies beneath a books front cover. The heart of a story that reaches beyond your mind and changes your life. The magic inside that leaves you breathless and wanting more. The inspiration that teaches you to reach for the stars. 

Within the pages of a book are words bled on the page from an author’s arduous journey to create the story for you. It’s the heart and soul of the author. It connects us with the human being who spent hours, months, years pouring over the story to make it perfect for us. 

Books are a gift for all readers. They’re beautiful and passionate and magical. 

I hope to one day give my gift of words to the world and inspire as I’ve been inspired multiple times by many giving authors. 


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