You Know You’re a Bookworm When…


 You know you’re a bookworm…

1) when you have to read the entire cereal box 

2) when you read phone books for fun just because you like the sound of names
3) when the most exciting thing to do on a weekend is go to the library 

4) when you can ignore everyone while  you’re reading 

5) when you stay up until 1am just to finish a good book, even though you have to get up at 5am

6) when you’d much rather spend a day at home reading than partying with friends 

7) when you read a thousand page book that’s all about other books 

8) when you can’t go to a bookstore without practically hyperventilating with excitement 

9) when you mourn over character’s deaths 

10) when you freak out that a movie adaptation is being made from a book and you have to tell everyone you read it

11) when practically everything you do in life conjures a quote from a book character 

12) when you can read a book over 10 times and still want to reread it

13) when you defend a book like it’s your best friend 

14) when you spend hours trying to come up with unique picture ideas with you and your books 

These are all true facts about my life as a bookworm lol I’m sure you can add plenty more to this, so feel free to share your crazy bookworm moments. 

Ain’t no shame in being a nerdy bookworm! 🤓


9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Bookworm When…

  1. I’m guilty of reading the same book on Japanese sword history about four times. Also highly guilty of mourning characters, kinda wonder how I’ll deal with having to wrote my vampire cat girl’s hibernation scene when the time comes.

  2. Last night it was actually only 12.45 a.m. that I stayed up to so I could finish a book. Also, how about:

    Unable to walk past a second hand book stand without browsing.

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