Heed the Call 

Its talons sunk deeply into my skin. It whispered secrets in my ear, demanding to be heard. It wanted all of me. I couldn’t resist. I was tempted to do as it said. I couldn’t hold back. My feet went on, following its commands. My brain hardly cared to heed my wisdom. It told me to listen to its voice, to do as it said and all would go well. I wanted to do as it said. I was intrigued by the whispers and the chance of adventure that might be around the corner. Without so much as a second glance, I heeded the voice of the call and opened the book. I was enraptured; and the night swept on as I soaked up page after page, with no thought of time or place or hunger or tiredness. Life was simply beautiful and magical in that glorious moment with just my book and me.

This is how I feel about what it’s like to be a book addict. I’m practically imprisoned by books. And once it gets good, you better leave me alone, because I won’t listen to you anyway lol 


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