Time Waits for No Man

Time waits for no man. It passes swiftly onward, uncaring that we haven’t yet reached our dreams and conquered. 

The passage of time rapidly ticks and tocks away as we try to make ourselves relevant. It doesn’t care that we have so much to do and so little time to do it in.  It just continues on, disregarding that fact. 

Time doesn’t kindly stop to appease us. It doesn’t give us second chances. It says, “Now is your chance. You better take it before I tick your last breath away.” 

Time is a friend, despite it seeming as if it’s an enemy. It’s there to prod us up and onward. It doesn’t look back, and neither should we. It knows it is of the essence and must never be squandered. It teaches us to cherish every moment and make each moment count. 

While time ticks away, don’t let it get ahead of you. Embrace it as a friend and let it prod you ever onward to your dreams. Make it always be one step behind you. Let it be your guide as it teaches you not to wait to be a success, not to look back and not to waste your life. 

Time is your friend, and as it ticks and tocks onward, it lightly whispers, “You’re ready. Go for it now.”


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