Go Ahead and be Average While I’ll be Over Here Inspiring

This one picture sums me up as a person. I’m a lover of knowledge, research and learning. I’m a bookworm with a strange obsession with words. I’m a workout addict who has withdrawals if I don’t workout a certain amount each week. And most importantly, I’m a writer with endless stories to tell. 

It’s not always easy doing this balancing act, but I manage because I know it’s worth it. 

I realize that dreaming big means working hard. If our dreams were super easy to achieve, than everyone would be doing something great and none  of us would stand out as inspirations. 

So I say this to all of you non-dreamers: if you’re happy with doing the average and never going above and beyond, that’s fine. It makes room for us dreamers who want more from life. We have a chance to be a star, and you can stay on the couch. 

Want more from life and yourself, people! And don’t stop dreaming and working hard. It pays to be a juggler 😉


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