Let Hope be Your Guide

Hope is a beautiful thing for us writers. It’s that prodding positivity that reminds us daily we have the ability not only to get published but to have a following of fans that will love us and our work. 

It’s that gentle whisper in our ears that lets us know we chose writing for a reason, because we’re perfectly meant for  it. 

It’s that peaceful silence that breaks the dam of negativity and tells our minds to rest for awhile- to recuperate and gather back our positivity, because we’ve so got this. 

It’s that light knocking on our hearts that begs for us to continue following the road to our dreams without giving up. 

It’s that loud shouting in our heads that won’t be silenced until it’s heard, screaming at us to keep writing. 

Hope is a beautiful thing for us writers because it reminds us that as long as it’s alive within us, we have the potential to make it.

Listen to Hope’s voice. Silence Despair and Fear, and let Hope be your guide. 


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