Face Your Fears 

What are you so afraid of in the pursuit of your dreams? What’s holding you back from putting in 100%? 

I can be honest with you and tell you my greatest fear is that I’ll always be talking about getting published but never actually getting published lol 

I want to live a life that’s more than average. I want to be able to look back upon my life when I’m 80 and feel as if I’ve accomplished my dreams and lived a life with meaning and purpose. 

I have big dreams. The execution of those dreams can be quite hard at times. But I always try to remember that I’ll never know what I’m capable of doing until I test it. I can’t be someone who sits back and bemoans my state. Someone who says its impossible and just gives up. That’s not me. 

A life that’s lived boldly, ambitiously and courageously is a life I want. That’s more like me. 

My fears are real, and they’re also my friends. Why? Because my fears push me all day, everyday. They remind me what I don’t want and what I should be doing to avoid them and reach beyond them. 

Discover your fears, be honest with yourself about them and then tackle them to the ground and beat them. 

Face your fears and let them be your guide to success. The push you need to always go hard in the grind. The reminder you need to always pursue your dreams relentlessly until you make it. 


4 thoughts on “Face Your Fears 

  1. Yes, totally! I’m often afraid that I’ll never be published. But I just keep reminding myself that if I really want it, I will keep trying until I get there. And the more effort I put into it, the better chance I have.

  2. I think fear of failure in general is my biggest fear. I have to work pretty hard to overcome it sometimes. In this writing gig I feel like I battle that daily.
    Thanks for the encouraging words! Fighting another day 🙂

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