Put Your Fierce Suit On

Now that I’m on Instagram, I’m finding that my blog posts are a lot easier to come up with. The pictures I post there in the morning give me inspiration for  posts. So you should get one too! πŸ˜‰

Today I posted the below on Instagram and wanted to share it with you… 

At first, this looks like a simple model pose. But what I see is a girl that’s becoming fierce and bold. I’ve shed my scared suit and replaced it with the suit that will carry me through to my dreams. 

As I’ve said 2016 is my year. The year I finish my books and pursue publication. The year I step into a new me and never look back. 

I’m ready for rejection, worry and the unknown. I’ve got my fierce suit on and no one or nothing can stop me. 

Put yours on today, and don’t take it off. 


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