A Writer on Beast Mode Setting

It’s Saturday, and I’m already working my butt off to make my dreams reality. Editing, writing and working my brain overtime to get things done! 

The life of a writer isn’t easy, but if you love it, than you know it’s way worth it. 

I started my day with a lovely helping of coffee as seen below: 

And have found my beast mode setting. Ain’t nobody stopping me today šŸ˜‰

Don’t play hard until you’ve put in the time. Work hard first and then reward yourself after. 

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from making it. If you don’t put in the time, you won’t get back anything. 

Make today the day where goals are met and dreams are smiling back. Get on that beast mode train with me and don’t you dare get off! Now all aboard! 

Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at am_king7. See ya there!


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