Who Knew New Hair Could Make You Feel Inspired

I just got my hair done a few hours ago. I was looking for something bold and fierce. I wanted a change that would reflect my goal-reaching feelings for this new year. I wanted something that would inspire me to take over the world…well, with my books that is πŸ˜‰ 

Since this is my year, the year I leap into success, I needed my hair to give me the confidence to make it. With this new do, I think I’m ready to conquer 2016. 

Perhaps, you need a change as well. Sometimes by changing little things, we find our attitude molding  itself to fit within this change. By changing my hair, I’ve found a boost of confidence. I’ve found a new me to fit my daring spirit for the year. 

Take a bold step and do something that makes you feel inspired. 


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