Do You Feel the Hunger? 

We all know the saying in order to be a great writer you have to be a great reader. I totally get that. I’m the biggest book nerd who ever walked the planet. I take trips to the library on a regular basis and  practically hyperventilate if I don’t have a book with me at all times. But…

I’ve noticed recently my reading adventures have become far more regular than my writing ventures. I’ve left off writing so I can read. I’ve chosen to make more time for other authors’ successful published books instead of spending time  on my unpublished books. 

I’ll never make it anywhere if I don’t start spending more time working on my future goals. I’ve decided that I’m taking a break from reading. I hear so many writers say they’re going to take a break from writing. Well, my break from writing is over.

For the last couple weeks, as this idea has become my new reality, I’ve found myself making things happen. I said Sunday I was going to write a kid’s book series and I did. There’s still much to be done with it; but had I taken time to read, I never would’ve gotten as far with it as I did. 

No more excuses. I constantly tried to come up with some reason as to why I couldn’t finish my books, but my excuses have run out. 

As hard as it is to juggle a full-time job, freelance editing and being married, I realize that those are never excuses. If I want something, I just have to work all the harder to achieve it. We’re not born with success, we make success. 

I want it badly enough to get up early if I have to or go to bed late if I must. I want it badly enough to step away from reading for a little while. I want it badly enough to     spend hours on end working on my books without a bathroom break, food break…you get the picture. I WANT IT!!!!


Do you feel the hunger? Do you feel the raging beast inside? Let it out, and let it rage on to victory.


11 thoughts on “Do You Feel the Hunger? 

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about the singular focus that’s required to find success. It’s a common idea that people who focus on one goal at a time are the most successful. In that spirit, I’ve been weeding out everything that pulls me away from reading and writing. Fight on, fellow writer! The sacrifices are worth it!

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