Sunday Plans: Write a Book Series for Kids

Ahhh!!! I just came up with a super fun kids’ series! I kept racking my brain to find a cool idea for a series of books; and while I was half-asleep last night, I came up with it!

Gotta love being a writer. The fact that this series came to me in the middle of sleeping, that’s legit! As you can tell, I’m ridiculously excited! 

I’m ready to work on it and finish it today. I’ve got all five books mapped out in my head, as well as my awesome characters. Time to get it all down on paper.

 Can’t share the story yet. I have super cool plans to showcase it later, though. So be patient! I know you’re just dying to find out…😉

One thing I know, even if my books never get published, I have a bunch of cool stories to leave behind for my family. 

What are your plans today? Ready to conquer the world one baby step at a time? 


5 thoughts on “Sunday Plans: Write a Book Series for Kids

  1. Yesterday I woke up, got motivated and added a half a page to one of my stories, then ended the night with a PC game. Later, I’ll attack that story, post chapter two of my vampire novel to WP, and work on chapter 5. Much success with the kids series. 🙂

  2. I plotted out this first part of the story last night as I was preparing for sleep. I just could picture my main character sitting at a picnic table when a shadow comes across his book. This morning, I made it work for me!!! Exciting when that happens. How is the series forming for you after a week?

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