Do you feel the pressure? 

Do you feel the pressure? Is it bubbling inside you ready to burst? Is it tangible and real? Do you feel it in the deepest part of you? 

I feel it. I feel the pressure everyday. If you don’t feel the pressure, you better start soon. 

What pressure, you may ask? I’m talking about that deep down feeling that tells you you have to make it,  or else. That feeling that springs up sometimes to remind you that you only have one life to live, so you better make it count. That feeling that gives you anxiety and makes you realize time is of the essence. 

I have this little voice inside my head   and heart that always keeps me going. It tells me I have to follow my dreams now before my dreams are impossible to reach. It reminds me on the day-to-day that I have much to do before I can sit back and relax. It makes me aware of the invisible clock of our lives that ticks away, and with each tick, takes another second from us that could’ve been used to make our dreams reality. 

Embrace the pressure. Breathe it in and let it enfold you in its tough-love hug. Want the pressure and then use it to push yourself right where you imagine yourself to be. 


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