False Memory

I know you all are probably sick of hearing about my obsession with Dean Koontz, but I just can’t help myself. His work is right up my alley. I think he’s a lot like Ted Dekker, another obsession of mine, in his writing and ability to chill the skin with reckless goosebumps. 

He knows how to turn simple things into intensely scary, dire situations. This ability is greatly shown in his novel False Memory. Where to begin with this novel. The idea is brilliant.

So you have Martie and Dusty Rhodes, a happily married couple whose lives are about to change drastically. 

One day, Martie finds herself afraid of her own shadow and reflection in the mirror. She’s never had this fear before. Could it stem from her relationship with her best friend Susan Jagger who is a major agoraphobic, afraid of the world and its many hidden dangers? 

While Martie’s trying to figure out her fear, Susan’s beginning to realize her agoraphobia might just have a cruelly sinister origin. For several mornings, she’s been waking up with pain and signs of rape. Oddly, she can’t remember the night before and is fearful her ex-husband might have something to do with this.  

Dusty begins to grow deeply curious. Why would Martie and Susan both end up with seemingly rare phobias- one with agoraphobia, the other with autophobia? Two best friends suddenly thrown into the path of mental chaos around the same time just seems a bit too coincidental. 

Cue the intro music- now enters psychologist Dr. Ahriman who is seeing both girls for therapy sessions. He might just be the key. 

As Martie and Dusty put the complex puzzle pieces together, the darkness stirs from its lair and obscures the light. It seems there’s no way out. What sinister evil are they dealing with? What depths of despair will they be forced to cope with? Whose hand is controlling the chaos around them, and when will it all cease? These are the questions you will ask when you delve into the pit of this dark thriller, and the answers will blow your mind. 


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