What Will Be Your Story for 2016?

It’s the time for many New Year’s resolutions….and breaking each and every one of them. So instead of making a New Year’s resolution that I’ll surely end up disappointing in the long run, I’m going to make a life change to the way I live from here on out.

I’m committing the year of 2016 and ever afterward to the time of success. To the time of pursuing my dreams even harder than I’ve ever done before. To the time of seeing my dreams come to fruition; and most importantly, to the time of finishing what I start.

Fellow bloggers, it’s time to finish what we start. If you have a book you’ve been working on for five years (that would be me), than it’s time to finish it. If you have a song you’ve been hiding from the world, then it’s time to share it. If you have a talent that you’ve just discovered, then it’s time to hone it and make it ten times better. If you have a passion that you so badly want to pursue, then it’s time to start pursuing it with all you’ve got.

Make 2016 the year of victory, so that 2017 and ’18 and ’19 can be the years for breathing in the moments of conquered goals.

I vow to myself and all my fellow bloggers that this year I will finish my novel and I will begin the journey laid out for me. The journey only I can walk and only I can make into reality. The journey that is mine for the taking. No more excuses, no more giving in to the naysayers, no more letting the fears win.

No one else can do what you can do. No one else can push your life into a success story. The only way we can make it is if we grow wings and push ourselves out of the nest.

Will you fly out of the nest this year? What will be your story for 2016?

The slate is clean, the year is fresh, the possibilities endless.

Let’s kick this year’s butt!!!


14 thoughts on “What Will Be Your Story for 2016?

  1. Very inspirational! I’ve also been working on my novel for a very long time and I decided 2016 will be the year I complete it. It will be interesting to follow your journey also ^_^

  2. One issue I have is having too many stories in my head. I start many stories, dump em and go to play.

    I need to start working, writing and writing.

    Thanks for sharing this piece.

  3. I find that setting agressive word count goals definitely helps. When you commit, 10s of thousands of words can pour out. Thanks for checking out my blog and trust me…if i can do it anyone can.

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  5. I’ve noticed so many recent posts on the wordpress reader (I reckon it started from early January) of writer’s recently finishing their novels or recently publishing them. I bet the industry gets flooded at this time of year with everyone determined to complete their new years resolutions 🙂

    Now that I think about it, I should be writing instead of trawling around everyone’s blogs !! haha #procrastination

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