The Tipping Point

Have you ever wondered why some places are more rampant with crime than others, why some years are known for crime epidemics and then others drastically decrease in the number of crimes, why Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues have stood the test of time and become staples in children’s growing up years, how a simple idea can be taken and turned into a success without much effort? All these questions and more are brilliantly answered in Malcolm Gladwell’s excellently researched book, The Tipping Point.  

Gladwell delves into the reasons behind those special moments when one simple decision tips everything and becomes a catalyst to those crazy epidemics that happen consistently in life. We don’t often ponder on how something becomes a fashion trend and starts a domino effect that resonates throughout the world, but this book gives us a detailed look into how this can happen. It’s super interesting to learn the math behind it all, and it just goes to show how connected our world really is. One little thing or person can make all the difference. Read this if you want to be amazed. 

Oh and have a wonderful Christmas!!!!


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