I’m a Dreamer

I’m a dreamer. I think it’s a whole lot easier to live life with the mindset that your dream is too impossible so you may as well come down to reality and choose a normal job like the rest of the world. It’s even harder to be a dreamer than live like that, comfortable in your stagnancy. It’s hard to tell people your dreams and hear, “Yeah, good luck with that. You and five million other people are trying to do that same thing. What makes you so special?” It’s hard to be shoved into a corner and told to stay average like the rest of the majority. When you hear that so many times, it can either break you or build you up. I choose to let it build me up. I choose to look at all the negativity as jealousy of me for even having a big dream. People who are comfortable in their averageness don’t want dreamers coming along and prodding them to think about the dreams they actually really want to pursue. We’re all afraid to fail. So by that fear, we walk in the reality that we may never make it. But wouldn’t you much rather know that you at least gave it your best shot? At least you climbed out of the average pit and chose to traverse the challenging dreamer’s road with its many steep valleys and monstrous mountains. That’s quite a feat of bravery. I’d rather that be my story than the one where I gave up because people convinced me I was no better than the next guy. Come on people! We only have one life. Make it count. Make your life about being that brave warrior who’s prepared for battle, the warrior who no man can put even one chink in your armor. Stand brave, stand  tall, stand strong. Let’s all reach for the stars and laugh in the face of those who tell us we’re crazy for reaching so high.

So while negativity is hanging on to my feet, I’ll use it as a tool to make me stronger. I’ll embrace it and show it what I’m really made of, because I’m more than the words that people make me out to be. I’m a dreamer who will make my dreams reality.


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