These Magical Moments

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned how much I wished I could be a part of a fantasy world. As time has worn on from that last post, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I’m already a part of a fantasy world, I just haven’t allowed myself to look close enough at it to find the magic within.

There’s actually so much magic in the world around us. The leaves change colors from greens to yellows to browns to pinks to golds to reds. The sky pours down upon us liquid to water our earth, feed our plants, provide for our nature. It crackles with loud thunderous noises as if trying to speak to us here on earth. Stars twinkle in the night sky, and the sun and moon know when to rise up and when to go to sleep. Rainbows of pastel colors shine brightly in the sky after a great watering of the earth, promising hope to all the human race.

Dreams come to us at night as we sleep. Sometimes they’re so vivid and so real, it’s as if we’ve lived another life without knowing it. Perhaps, we have… 😉 Perhaps, dreams are our own magic ability. Dreams can sometimes expose truth, enlighten our hearts to find the right answers or even shed light on what we’ll face in the future. If you think about it, dreams at night on our fluffy pillows are quite magical.

What about the wind? Have you ever thought about the secrets it knows? It’s traveled far and wide to many nations and countries. It knows us. It continues to whisper it’s secrets if we would but stop and listen.

Babies living in their mother’s quiet, warm wombs for nine months is perhaps the “realest” magic there is. A little life is swimming within and growing and becoming. Nine months later it comes to earth as a precious fairy with its own language, willing and ready to love perfect strangers.

The list of magic we face almost on a daily basis could go on forever: fat little caterpillars evolving into dainty, beautiful butterflies of splendid color, waterfalls crashing to the rocks and creating prisms of brilliant colors, great love that ascends above the chaos of life and lasts for years and years despite the flaws of human beings, sacrificial love that is willing to die for another human being, thoughts of the brain that allow our minds to create, invent, envision, become, lasting hope that pulls upon our hearts to make us rebuild when tragedy strikes our lives.

These are just a few moments of life that let us taste magic, touch it and know our lives are far more important and incredible than we let on. We can easily take for granted the enchantments of this world, seeing them as another string of same-old patterns; or we can embrace the magic that’s dying to show itself to us.

Today, love life and look at the magic; when you’re looking, it will find you.




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