What Does Your Brain Think About in 2 Minutes?

I interrupt my usual blog post for something a little different today.

For some reason I recalled doing this writing exercise during my college days as I worked toward my Bachelor’s in English: Tech/Prof Writing. I was told it was a good way to get the juices flowing and the words going in my brain. My teacher had us set a timer for 2 whole minutes (maybe it was more, but I can’t remember) and write down every word that popped into our head. It was kind of a fun, yet oddly strange exercise, but the best part is getting to go back and reread. So I apologize for whatever strange things are written. Without further ado, I begin:

“I wish I could say that my brain was filled with lots of interesting things, but it sadly isn’t. I can’t help that. Stop judging me. Anyway, my name is Adriana Mari…wait, you already know that. No, never mind you don’t. I don’t think I gave out my middle name before. So, this is what’s in my brain. That’s awful! It’s like I have nothing to say. I hate it. I sound like an idiot. Oh well. What I want most in the world is to be a success. Hey, that’s actually a good thought right there. I should continue following that path. Nope, my brain’s taking me elsewhere. I can’t seem to stay on anything interesting. Okay, moving on. I have a little dog named Princeton. He’s a poodle and super cute. I love dogs! I’m not the weird dog lover who allows my dog to french kiss me and stuff like that, though. I know you were going to judge me and say I was that way. What’s up with all the judgment stuff? I bet that’s some psychological thing that means I’m actually really insecure. That sucks! I don’t like insecurity. Do I? Shut up brain. Wait, it can’t shut up. It’s always going on and on and on. Why am I doing this again? Not really sure. Hopefully people don’t think I’m too crazy. There goes that judgment thought path again. I’m weird. No, I’d like to see it as being gifted. That’s much better. Okay, so I’m gifted. Stop saying otherwise! Is the time over yet? I can’t bear much more of this being honest thing and writing down my exact words. I cheated a little though. There were some words that slipped in my head that I skipped over. Oh great! Why am I being honest? Okay, time’s up.”

As you can see, when you actually write down every word that flickers through your brain without directing it on a certain path, you get a little something like the above. Or maybe you have a way better mind that thinks of way more intelligent stuff in 2 minutes. What I gather from the above is that my brain is a slightly insecure, worried what people think, strange membrane. I hope that doesn’t reflect the real me!!! Stop laughing at me. You try it. I dare you to see if you can come up with much better :p And I promise that’s not my usual brain. Generally its a lot more intelligent.


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