I Judge a Book by Its Cover

So you know that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, I’ve totally been doing the opposite recently. I can’t manage to walk into a library and be in and out in minutes. I’m so judgmental that half the books I look at are put down in disgust, so I end up taking a good hour. Why? Well, I can’t stand cheap looking books! You know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend you’ve never put a book down due to its cheap cover or lame-sounding plot. And if you haven’t, I challenge you to google poorly designed covers. You’ll soon realize why it’s such a big deal.

It’s hard for me to want to read a book if the front cover and the plot don’t work together to enthrall me. Being so judgmental about book design has at least taught me that I want my future published book to be the real deal. No cheap route for me. I want my book to capture attention just by it’s cover design, and then I want the plot to draw people in so much that they have to start reading the book the moment they finish reading the summary of it. It’s actually a pretty crucial part of a book, for me at least. The cover is what first draws me in and gives me a hint of the secrets awaiting me. It’s that first representation of what the author has to present. I hate cheap artwork or poor design. That just doesn’t do a book justice. I’m turned off immediately by that.

Can I just go on a rant here of something else I hate? Throughout the years, I’ve come upon several books where the front design has the main character on it. The main character is skinny with light brown hair and brown eyes and isn’t attractive at all. Then as I read the book, the main character is described as curvy with black hair, green eyes and is super beautiful. I usually always go back to the front cover and look at it in puzzlement, wondering who the person on the front cover is. Why is that even allowed, especially on books published by big-name companies? That’s just poor detail. I would have a fit if a publishing company did that to my book.I want my design to actually match my story and the characters within it.

I guess what I’m getting at is the foundation of the book. The design and the description is the way into the reader’s heart. I think of it as my one chance to impress. If I can cause a person to take a second glance at my book due to the catchy title and awesome design, then maybe they’ll pick it up off the shelf and then maybe they’ll read the plot and then maybe, just maybe I’ve whet their appetite just enough that they’ll walk away with the book in their hand and excitement in their heart at the idea of reading it.


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