My Own Little Playground

I take weekly trips to the library, and I just have to say, I find such comfort in the realm of books. Call me weird, nerdy, a bookworm, whatever. Either way, I can’t shed the love I have for a room filled to the brim with books of all shapes, sizes and colors. Hidden within the pages are all sorts of ideas and magic conjured up by the brains of genius minds and some not-so-genius minds, creative minds and readers and writers such as myself. Whatever topic you desire to read about, libraries have it there for you to grasp and consume at your will.

And the smell! I love the smell of pages in a book. This world has fast become a techno world, but the smell and feeling of a book in my hands can never be replaced by a cold, lit Kindle screen. As much as I love having a kindle to read books from, I can never get over the sensation a real, live book in my hands gives me, as I grasp it tightly, ingesting its magic and its delightful smell.

If my room could be a library, I’d be quite happy. That’s an understatement! I’d be elated, overjoyed, on top of the world! Could you imagine having your room filled with thousands of books on multiple shelves? Think of all the adventures, miracles, passion, inspiration, and mysteries you’d have right there at the tip of your fingers to read at your leisure and to enjoy to your hearts content. That would be a dream come true for me. Although that would probably mean I’d never leave my room. My mom used to get on to me for being upstairs in my room all day reading, not interacting with others. How many parents can say they actually have to get onto their kid for reading too much? Yeah, I was that strange, introverted, unsocial girl who read books and cereal boxes and billboards and pretty much anything that had words on it. I still do that today actually…

But since my room can’t be a library (I hope to make a mini library in my future home someday though), I’ll satisfy myself with  weekly visits to my local library, taking an hour to peruse the books for the right book to take home. Some things just can’t be replaced. The library is my own little playground. It’s my second home in a way. A place for me to find stories that I can immerse myself in and dream and dream and dream…


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