Once Upon a Time, I Became a Writer…

The story of how I became a writer is kind of strange and just happened so suddenly. And I thought I’d share it with you all.

I struggled a lot with trying to find my path in life that I should travel. The summer before college, I thought I’d pursue nursing at a Christian college in Florida, mainly because a friend of mine had gone there and she was pursuing it, and I knew it would be a steady career that made good money. But as I pursued it, I hated it and realized I had to change my major. There was no way I could be a nurse. My parents and friends were even surprised that I chose that career path when I’m actually a super impatient person, and being a nurse demands some form of patience.

So after some deep thought and prayer, I chose to pursue a pre-law degree. I loved the idea of being a lawyer and getting to put evil people away. I think I just watched too many courtroom thriller movies like “A Few Good Men” and figured it would be a super fun job, not realizing that it would take a lot of commitment in order to get there. As I pursued this degree, I did enjoy it, especially watching all the cop videos for class, but I just felt that God was calling me somewhere else and I was restless to find where that was exactly. So as you already guessed, I went home for the summer and did a lot of weighing my options to decide what my new major would be. But this time, the decision was harder because I wanted to get it right for the last time and not struggle with it anymore.

As the summer neared its end, I remember continuously thinking back to the days when my father used to tell me I should be a writer since I loved reading so much and I had such a vivid imagination. I had always laughed at that and figured it was too hard to write a book. But one day I was sitting on my bed and pondering all sorts of things when an idea popped into my head about a woman who is dying of a disease but has a secret she must get out before she dies.

Strange as this sounds, my brother was playing a beautiful piece of classical music on his guitar, and as I listened, it was the music that sparked the idea. I always imagine things as a movie, so the music created a movie scene in my head that went along with the sad, dramatic melody (think of it as a movie preview). And immediately I rushed to my computer and began to type away at a fast pace as the story played itself out in front of me. Twenty-four pages later, I knew that pursuing a writing career was what I had to do. This was my calling. I had found it. All I needed was my love of music and movies to set the fire going and bring me the answer I was looking for.

Ever since that day, I’ve written and written and written some more until I’ve felt overwhelmed with too many stories in my head, dying to be told. To this day, music and movies still have the same affect on me and bring with them a melange of ideas and inspiration for my stories. And I’ve never looked back since. My writing is my love and my passion and something I hope to pursue relentlessly until I leave my mark as an author that people cherish and praise. I want to be remembered as the girl that fought hard to achieve her dreams and didn’t give up, even when the competition was rough and the rejections were constant. When you’ve found your niche (one of my favorite words lol) in life, that thing that you’re supposed to be doing because you’re good at it and you love it so much, you know there’s nothing else that you can do to be happy until you pursue it with all you’ve got. And that’s exactly what my plan is. Now that I’ve procured my B.A. in English: Technical and Professional Writing, I’m well on my way to understanding this career and learning what I need to do to make it happen.

Although it won’t be easy, that’s not going to stop me from working my butt off to make it happen. I have what it takes, now it’s just my job to convince the world of that as well. My dream is going to be my reality and you can’t tell me differently, no matter how much negativity you may throw my way.


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