Taking Reading to a Whole New Level

I wish I could have a permanent job as a storyteller or book reader. I would do so well in that kind of position. I know I’m bragging, but if you could just hear the way I read, you would pay me big bucks to read books to your kids at night before bed or to entertain them when you just don’t want to. And if you don’t have kids, you’d pay me to read to you! I’m just that good đŸ˜‰Â 

I literally take every book I read and turn it into a movie in my head. I designate Hollywood actors that I think would fit each character’s description, so I have a vivid face in my mind to look at anytime each character is speaking. 

Oh but it only gets better from there. If the book contains British characters, well by golly, I’m going to be British, and everything I say in my head or out loud is going to be Britishized. If the book calls for me to be Irish, well you can be sure I’m going to be Irish. The same goes for Australian, Asian, French…I don’t discriminate. Accents are my specialty. 

What about doing a man voice, you might ask? I’ve got that covered! It may not be as low as one would like, but I’m learning to get better at manning it up in the voice department. I hope to lower my voice another octave as I continue practicing… 

I believe my greatest specialty has to be the whiny, valley girl voice. Will it grate on your nerves? I hope so, because I’m just like so totally that good at it man.

My reading is pretty much art. I’ve taken it to a whole new level and transformed it into an experience that makes it so much fun! That is perhaps the reason I love reading so much! If I could teach children at a young age, when their minds are impressionable, how to love books and reading, I think I’d be able to influence them to realize how great it can be. 

It’s not just about rushing and skimming through the words on the page; it’s about taking your time to connect with the characters so much, that their movements, gestures, voices, personalities are your movements, gestures, voices, personalities, if only for a moment. I mean, I even get teary eyed when delivering a really passionate speech that a character makes. It’s intense!

It all stems from when I was a little girl, and my brother had me read The Hobbit and Star Wars books to him. It created within me a fascination for acting out each character, so I could really bring the story to life. And my brother would giggle and get into it so much more. 

So although it’s just me dreaming, if I were to really ponder on what my dream job would be, it would so be a book reader. Could you imagine (all you book lovers) getting to travel to people’s houses and getting paid to read to them? I’d have to draw a line at reading erotic fiction though. I think that could get pretty awkward… But man, would that be the most legit job! I could cause the world to love reading! Anyway, I’m done boasting about myself. 

Share with me your strange reading habits, if you have any. 



3 thoughts on “Taking Reading to a Whole New Level

  1. Babysitters probably get to read to kids before they go to bed, but being hired specifically to read aloud would be so cool

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